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Dreams and Schemes

(Lucky Lenny’s Dream Book)

Using your Dreams to Play the Daily Numbers 

           Are you familiar with dream books that contain subjects and three digit numbers associated with those subjects? If so, you are already ahead of the game, particularly if you have had success in games of chance using dream books. If not, welcome to the world of "Dreams and Schemes. 

            I was introduced to playing the daily numbers years ago using dream books by one of my former coworkers. Well, over the years I have kept track of the subjects that I have dreamed and used to "hit" the numbers. An account of my success with the numbers is contained in my "Dreams and Schemes" dream book, which also includes remarkable dreams, dream analyses for the prolific deamer like myself and significant "hits" which were the result of the methods I developed for selecting the right subjects and numbers to play.  The "Dictionary of Dream Subjects and Numbers" contained in my book contains subjects and numbers personally selected by me, in part,  because many of the subjects and numbers have been fruitful.   

            My first draft of "Dreams and Schemes," was completed years ago but I have been too busy to complete this project until a few months ago, following an early retirement. I decided that I'd better get a book like this out to my fellow lottery players before someone else did. I hope that I, “Lenny-Come-Lately,” am not too late with this project.

             I have read that the same ideas, inventions, new concepts and the like are being conceived and developed simultaneously by different people in different places all the time. I think I was waiting to have that "long-running winning streak" that would inspire me to proceed with this project with unquestionable certainty that I had finally broken the code of dreams and numerology. 

            I am not a millionaire, but I have a pretty good record of success at “hitting” 3-digit daily numbers based on analyzing my dreams, selecting the significant subjects and consulting lottery  dream books. I won't say which dream books I have consulted over the years, but I will say that when I started playing the lottery over 10 years ago, I was consulting up to six books. Now, I primarily use the dictionary that I have developed based on my successes.  Some of my dream knowledge has spilled over into my waking life because I have applied "dream book" numbers to actual events that I have witnessed during the day and have hit the lottery on the same day. This has happened many times.

            For example, one day I noticed that a number of bald-headed men had crossed my path during the day, so I played 388 for bald that day and won. One day on the subway, I was sitting next to a couple who were speaking French. Since this was something that did not occur every day for me, I decided to play the number for French which is 778 and won. I also won when I played 058 one day because I witnessed an automobile accident. The number for accident is 058. Once an unusual craving for cake paid off. The number for cake is 044. If any of this sounds interesting to you, I invite you to click on any of the above tabs and begin your exploration into my personal world of dreams and schemes. Enjoy the journey.


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